Going west

After some very rainy wet days last week the thought
of a few days interstate sounded like fun
so we take off very early last Thursday morning
We meet more rain not far along the Western Highway
It came down so heavy at one time
the wipers had a hard job keeping up
so we pulled over for a break
A little further down the highway it cleared up a little
See the blue sky lol
The white blobs are sheep – can’t get great shots when the car is going at 100kms
and someone thinks thats the only speed the car can do on the open road
Thanks goodness for cruise control ‘cose he tends to forget
 that thats the maximum speed
the car can go on the highways
Saw some nice benches and a War Memorial when we took a loo break 
Went past the vineyards at the town with the same name as the winery
Drove past an enormous Koala
Then the sun came out again
Judging by the number of trucks parked at this roadhouse
I’ve a feeling the food must be good 
Grain silos are a common sight now
so were the dark rain clouds
Stopped for a break near the big river
On to the Freeway – not long now
He can now go at 110ks (legally) lol
Still had those black clouds overhead
Heres the tunnels that were put in when the road into Adelaide was altered
Down to the Old Toll House 
and heres that strange sculpture
at the first intersection at the bottom of the hills 
We are here till Tueday
Now which way will we go ??
Time to meet up with friends and veg out
Will fill you in another day
all these photos will enlarge
click and click again
To see more skies from around the world

12 thoughts on “Going west

  1. Thank you so much for sharing! It's as close to actually taking the trip as I will ever get. Very interesting photos of a real trip! You take good pictures of common things seen (as good as 100KPH will allow) as well as the unusual. Great clouds – even the threatening ones.I enjoyed this part of your trip, Cathy, and look foreword to any new adventures.


  2. Great photos Cathy! OMG yes today to see around here you would never know yesterday we had a river running through our front yard. Not a puddle to be seen anywhere.


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