Long walk – lots of sit downs

After the very long flight from Australia to Vancouver last August
we certainly needed time to rest up before the Alaskan cruise 
So as well as part days – arrival day and departure day
we decided on having one full day in town as well
This time we planned to start the day by walking from our hotel
over Burrard Bridge to visit the Maritime Museum
 missed out on our last time in town
wander round Vanier Park and then make our way to Granville Island
We had a day of blue skies and sunshine
This photo is of a beach close to the Maritime Museum
Taken from one of the rear windows 
And here is the start of our long walk
Wandering over the grass I came across this strange sculpture
Couldn’t find any information near it and haven’t been able to find any since getting home either
Does anyone know its name and why its there?
We did discover an abundance of benches along the way
Some of which came in very handy
 There were doubles
Heres a couple of singles 
All with views of  downtown Vancouver
As I said lovely sunny skies with a hint of cloud build up
Perfect for walking
We’ll go further another day
all the photos enlarge
click and then click again
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14 thoughts on “Long walk – lots of sit downs

  1. Ooooh!!!! Love these sunny warm pictures. In Stockholm it´s 0 degrees C and wet snow are falling. Like to change places ;-)Thanks for sharing this lovely post.


  2. Beautiful views of Vancouver. Looks like you had great weather and skies too. Wonderful photos. Looking forward to seeing some shots from your cruise.


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