Feeding the Family

So, following on from the food post yesterday
 here’s one I hope you enjoy
 seem to liked by all Australians
till it comes to nesting time and the swooping begins
Once thats over and done with the birds raise their young
and later get on with the job of teaching them
the ‘Birds Way of Life
The young have left the nest now and are flying round the neighbourhood
accompanied by Mum supposedly learning how to find things to eat
I have a family like that in my garden
but their little one tends to think that Mum should still be providing for it 
Poor Mum wanders around followed by her ‘baby’
who carrys on as though he’s starving
and won’t get another meal in his life
Watch what happens
Mum is digging around in the ground having a look see
and the young one comes tearing across the grass
and goes into a begging position almost straight away
I’ve noticed she’s starting to ignore him recently
and he is digging about himself
photos will enlarge if you click and then click again
Later that day on the grass
I did see her give into him
Some of us in the suburbs have been known to feed them
Heres a good article on the perils of doing so
To see more Critters from around the world

5 thoughts on “Feeding the Family

  1. It is so much fun watching the older birds teaching the young ones how to eat! It is very interesting how they get their point across!


  2. We don't have magpies over this way but they look big like the crows that are everywhere. As fun as it would be to give in and feed them, we would be over-run quickly with noises and squabbles if food was in a dish.Good job on all the pictures you took.Have a blessed and wonderful day.


  3. Cathy, those photos are lovely. We have magpies here in England too. I don't know if they're widespread but we do have them in northern England. Do you know that little song about them?"One for sorrow, Two for joy, Three for a girl, Four for a boy, Five for silver, Six for gold, Seven for a story never to be told"


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