Calgary Memorial Park

Look at this beautiful fountain we discovered in Calgary last October
It’s in the Central Memorial Park
and seems fitting I chose it for this weeks Watery Wednesday post
Central Memorial Park is the oldest park in Calgary and close to the downtown area of the city
It has this beautiful fountain and with walkways and seating where you can watch the world go by
Its also a place to honour Canadians who died in conflicts around the world
So close to the hustle and bustle and yet so peaceful and quiet
click on the photos to enlarge and then click again
Its where you will find several War Memorials
Calgary’s oldest park, Central Memorial Park is home to eight memorials including the Boer War equestrian statue and various others that commemorate both World Wars. Set aside for park space by the Federal Government in 1899, the park is also home to Alberta’s first public library. Another important feature of the park is that it is host to the city’s annual Remembrance Day celebration.
There are also other of my favourite things there
Look at the marvellous stone (?Granite) carved bench
inscribed with the words
May we live as nobly as they died
And this truly lovely statue of a soldier and his horse
(terrible picture as the sun was in the wrong spot)
This plaque was set into the ground detailing
where each of the monuments
were and who they honoured
(as I said the sun was a problem hence the shadow from a nearby pole)
I can’t really describe the park and do it justice 
so maybe you’d like to read about it at these websites
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10 thoughts on “Calgary Memorial Park

  1. Cathy it is a beautiful park, and yes close enough to downtown to enjoy. As an Albertan it is lovely to see you appreciate our province…..:-)Hugs


  2. Superb shots. 🙂 It's really great to take photos everywhere we go and share it to our friends in the blogosphere. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, my friend. It's my first time here and without hesitation, I added your blog to my blogroll. 'Hope you add mine, too. Thanks.Happy Wednesday! 😉


  3. That is one awesome stone bench, I tell ya what. If the wife would let me, that's as big as i'd like my memorial be when I kick the bucket, but she thinks folks would say I have a big ego.


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