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Saturday November 6

Another warm and dry day with hardly a cloud in the sky
So I took my breakfast out on to the deck along with something to do
Well, I’m not one to rush into the morning
and often at the weekend will  read
or do some crafty thing before I start the day proper
Left Kiera to slumber on after I finished brekky and cleared away
She’s become almost like a shadow since we said goodbye to Leroy earlier this year
Its been hard for her as she’d never been on her own before – there had always been another cat there 
Litter family from birth and then when she came to us all the other cats in the household
As the years went by they all left us till it was just her and Leroy
so I was quite worried about how she would cope
being on her own at the cattery whilst we were away for all those weeks
however she was fine when we got home
She does get quite annoyed if I’m on the computer and not giving her my undivided attention tho’
No time to play (or so I thought)
as I had a ‘date’ with this messy corner of the garden
Was going to sort out all those pots and the rubbish near them
but it never got done
I wandered around and said Hello to
my Mother in Law
The flowers on this rose are very full – almost chubby
just like my MIL used to be
Then said Hello to my Mum
or rather thats part of her name
If Miss Alice would grow well in my garden she would be here instead.
I’ve tried twice but she keeps fading way and dying 
(unlike my mother she doesn’t like the hot weather lol)
so ‘Mary’ Rose it is instead
I really wasn’t in the mood for heavy work
so set to and did some weeding
divided and transplanted a few bits and then noticed Dh having a quiet time 
Reading and doing nothing ‘cept enjoying the fresh air
Made a cuppa and joined him
Kiera had moved – slumbering the day away in my old comfy armchair
The one I didn’t throw out when we replaced the suite
and I keep on the deck for somewhere comfy to sit lol
Look at her – enjoying the sun
with not a care in the world
The afternoon went by peacefully
I sewed and tried to ‘find some words’
Then noticed the clouds gathering over the neighbours place
No rain which was good as we’ve had quite enough for the time being
thank you very much
All in all one of those lovely lazy days:))
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10 thoughts on “Saturday November 6”

  1. A very peaceful and relaxing day. The weather was beautiful yesterday. We decided to go out and enjoy it on the water. I caught two whiting and hubby got a gummy shark, and we both got sunburnt!Ahhhh summer is coming!


  2. Now that we're having cold weather I have decided that I need to visit your blog a bit more often to warm up! 🙂 I'd forgotten how lovely Kiera is–THANKS for sharing her with us today!! Hope you're having a good weekend Cathy!


  3. This is my kind of day and I find the sky very pretty as are your flowers. So glad your husband is feeling better Cathy, how is your friend in Calgary doing? Have another nice day tomorrow….:-)Hugs


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