Our quiet one

We have one grandaughter who has always been the quiet one
One of those that you hardly knew were there
She never seemed interested in the older one’s interests
going along to the sports matches and the musical concerts
but never showing an actual desire to take part
Till early last year – when out of the blue she asked if she could become a Scout
No not a Guide but a Scout
No-one seems to know what sparked her interest
but she certainly has taken a great interest in all things scouting
She ‘works’ hard for her badges – is involved in all her troop and patrol activities
Even asked if she could go to the 2010 Jamboree in Sydney
being one of the yougest there didn’t daunt her in the least
Not having shown any previous interest in music
she is the one who now plays the Bassoon in one of the school bands 
and early this year asked if she could audition for Show’time
a concert put on by young people involved with scouts and guides
similar to Gang*show 
There were months of weekly rehearsals
and wouldn’t you know it
we were away when the concerts took place
Thought we’d missed out
until we found out the production was going to Bendigo 
nearly 3 hours away from us 
giving some of the youngsters up there
a chance to shine along with the others from the big city
So up the Calder Highyway we drove on Suday
in the pouring rain and freezing cold weather
to catch up on our ‘star performer’
It was a very professional production complete with a live band
It was so much fun –
There were lots of skits and loads of singing
Lots of good feelings
To enlarge pictures click and then click again
This one took the micky out of the campfire singing sessions
There was one about seniors on a cruise
A great scene using stools as zimmer frames
Then the massed finale
Younger boys and girls
Slightly older ones
And here’s some of the ‘biggies’
Here they are being congratulated at the end of the show
There are some who frown on these organised groups for young people
but I know from my time as a Brownie and then as a Guide 
(many years ago as a child in England)
I learnt about commitment and leadership
I encouraged my children to join
not all did – some started and then lost interest
One changed from Guides to Venturers –
I think with her the mix of boys and girls was the drawcard
but still she worked at whatever there was to do
So I’m pleased that one of my younger youngsters had found something
that will help them become more confident and teach her many life skills  
 no matter how dated others may think they are

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