Fabulous bargain in Ketchikan

Talking about embroidery
Last time we were in Ketchikan (2006)
I was looking for an internet cafe
and was told about one in the Salmon Landing Market
We wandered over to there but never did send the emails
because I found the most wonderful craft shop
Called The Silver Thimble
it was more of a quilting shop
full with lovely fabric and patterns
as well as loads of other things
Across the way was another little shop
selling all sorts of other lovelies like beads and knitting yarn
Beautiful yarns that I’d never seen before
soft and special
feeling like a joy to knit with
Dh shrugged his shoulders and went back to the cruise ship lol
So this time (August 2010) as we wandered around the town
I wanted to find them just to see what new goodies were there
The Silver Thimble was in the same place
The yarn shop had moved
Dh shrugged again
and dutifully ‘escorted’ me to the new place
now on Mission Street
It was still as enticing as before – if not more
After a lovely chat with the young girl who was manning the shop
and explaining I couldn’t buy ‘cose of a weight issue
but could I look
she willingly pottered round with me
telling about the different manufacturers
and the nature of the materials
Which meant I got to fondle and swoon over beautiful yarns Again:))
Dh hung around for about 10 mins then
Yes, you guessed it
shrugged his shoulders and muttered something
about ‘seeing you back in the Crows Nest later’
which meant he’d had enough and wanted a drink lol
Guess what I found reduced at the back of the shop
Some embroidery threads by Edmar and in lovely soft colours too
An end of season special down to 50c a skein!!
A real bargain as they cost about $3 a skein here
I use them (sparingly) sometimes in place of Marlitt
which is just as expensive:(
And even tho’ it was a very small purchase
they were popped into a little tulle bag
and handed over very delicately to me
as tho they were gold


I love little shops that value their customers
as well as their stock that much

4 thoughts on “Fabulous bargain in Ketchikan

  1. what a wonderful story, and yes its the little friendly touches that make you want to keep going back, time and time again.Yes it was a little cold on the water but not too bad. The covers on the boat stopped most of the wind and the sun was warm. As for the fires, no news yet. But the forensics team said that they where hopeful of finding the persons responcible.


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