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Tuesday October 12

We’ve had some beastly weather this past week
so I thought I’d reflect on one of the good days
but also show you a little of the area
close to where I live 
The good day was
MY Birthday lol
We (Dh and I) celebrated 
with lunch at his golf club in Healesville
a half hour drive from our house
This is the view from the Terrace
Thats the Great Dividing Range in the background 

Mt. Riddell in in the centre of the picture
Maroondah Dam is just a few kilometres up the road
and I’d heard the spillway was overflowing
This has been a rare occurance the past few years
Drought causes hardship to everyone in the country 
no matter where they live
This dam was quite low and now with all the rain
over the past few months has filled considerably
(if you wait a while you’ll see)  
but to see this happening almost brings tears to the eyes 
We decided to walk up the Rose Stairway to get to the top of the wall
Well – Dh strode up
Look at the fabulous Rhododendron still  in bloom
Heres me plodding my way up
Its those funny knees you know lol
Had a little walk along the Dam Wall
Looked over the side
and what did we see
Water Water everywhere
Water for the drinking of
because after treatment
it ends up being delivered in pipes to our door
This is looking towards the Outlet Tower
This is looking out to the middle of the resevoir
And to top it all off I even saw a bench
placed strategically along the walkway
There are a lot of photos on these web sites
giving all sorts of information about the dam
and the surrounding park
We have walking trails there
as well as picnic tables and BBQs
Lots of lovely space for people to have fun
If you look at the picture on the wiki site
showing the outlet tower
you will see how low it got
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14 thoughts on “Tuesday October 12”

  1. Dear Cathy – what a wonderful way to spend your birthday. A pleasant lunch with your Dh, and then seeing a water reservoir so full that the water authorities are using the spillway! Such an incredible sight after all that Victoria has been through.Sending care, love and huggles, Michelle (Zebby Cat is in the shower, having a drink – I keep having to pour a cup of water in there for him now he has decided that drinking out of a bowl isn't his thing. Thank goodness the showerbase doesn't drain evenly!)


  2. Happy belated birthday, great shots and yes it is very emotional to see so much water, and greenery, after all the for the joke, I laughed. It was great.


  3. It's never too late to say "Happy Birthday!".. Hihi.. It looks like you really enjoyed the day. And the scenery shots.. totally awesome captures. =)Anyway, here's mine for Scenic Sunday.. please check it out and drop a comment. Thanks a bunch.. =)


  4. Oh my goodness! What beautiful pictures! I called my hubby to come see them they were so pretty. Looks like you had a great day. Happy late Birthday.


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