Maxine revisited

I’m sure I’ve told you this before – I love Maxine and have blogged  about her before.  Yes she can be direct, but there something about her nature I enjoy.  Maybe I’m getting that way myself but then I tend to think there’s a little of Maxine inside of all of us just waiting to escape lol

Anyway imagine my smile when I visited Brenda at Rinkley Rimes and read her post for today (Saturday).  Brenda’s is a blog that never fails to make me think – it is all sorts of things, it is amusing, it is interesting, thought provoking, whatever you want it to be, whenever you read her blog you will always come away realising that Brenda is one clever talented lady who definitely has a way with words. 

Oh yes nearly forgot, today she is talking about Maxine and how she envisages her ‘strutting’ – now could you ever see Maxine strutting??

Reflecting on age maybe

Or one of her favourites – Men

Anyway I was out in the garage yesterday loooking for these – the old Heavy Hands and weights we both used to carry while walking many years ago.  Living in a very flat area at that time they were ideal for putting a bit more puff into the walk

Now he’s feeling a great deal better I thought he could use them (1lb weights only) sitting in his chair. I suggested he do a few bicep curls or arm raises now and again – would get a little tone/strength back in his arms and open up his chest a bit.  Only a suggestion lol

You’d never guess what else I found while I was out in the garage – an old yoga mat.  A bit tattered and torn, it looks like one of the cats has clawed into the foam where it had protruded form the cover and hacked bits out of the sides.  Not sure I’d be able to manage even one of the easier poses but then they say practise makes perfect and I know for sure there are enough books on the bookshelf to remind me of all the wheres and whyfores – or is it whys and wherefores lol

So how about another funny from Maxine – this time reflecting on Yoga.

I’m not saying a word – maybe just agreeing with her lol
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