Knitted slippers – reposted

June 2010
I’ve had requests for this to be reposted
by ‘friends’ who are too lazy to trawl the archives
Yes you know who you are lol
peviously posted Oct. 2009
I had a request for the knitting instructions I use to make these slippers
I know they are available in lots of places on the web
– just google ‘knitted slippers’ and you’ll come up with oodles of patterns –
Here I’ve supplied the instructions as given to me by a friend of mine
The first picture is a pair I’ve just finished
click on the pictures for a clearer view 
To give you an idea of the shape before sewing up
this is what they look like when the last row has been knitted
The instructions suggested using 8ply/dk yarn
(2 balls knitted together to give the thickness for warmth)
and uk size 8/4mm knitting needles
but I’ve also done them in very chunky handspun wool for men – adjusted  needle size and length
Start by casting on 3 stitches
Row 1 Knit
Row 2 Inc in 1st stitch, knit
Row 3 Knit
Row 4 Knit
Repeat rows 2 + 3 + 4 until 12 stitches
That forms the heel part
Cast on 11 at the beginning of the next row
Knit 11, P1, knit to last stitch, P1 turn
Cast on 11 stitches (34 stitches)

Now you are about to make the foot part – the sole
Row 1 Knit
Row 2 K11, P1, K10, P1, K11
Repeat rows 1 + 2, 17 times
This where you can lengthen if needed
– but remember they will stretch –
Then on to the toe area
Row 3 K2, (P1 K1) x 5, K11 (P1 K1) x 5, K1
Row 4 (K1 P1) x 6, K10, (P1 K1) x 6
Repeat rows 3 + 4, 8 times
Next row K2 together to end of row 17 stitches
Next row Purl
Next row K2 together to last stitch, K1 9 stitches
Break off yarn (leaving a rather long tail)  and draw through stitches.
Fasten off as tightly as you can – don’t cut the yarn short as you will need it to sew up the front
Sew cast on sides to heel gusset. You may have to ease to fit
Sew ribbing up front to where garter stitching begins
turn right side out and hey presto – a nice snug slipper
Yes, they are very basic
For a special gift you could use a circular needle
Pick up all the way round the opening and knit a collar
Or put a pompom at the front opening
These are simple and easy to do
Just the way I like them

8 thoughts on “Knitted slippers – reposted”

  1. Simple for you Kathy. Very nice booties. Unfortunately, I never learned to knit. Wish I had – I keep hearing, "It's so easy".Haven't visited you in awhile – shame on me. I promise to do better.


  2. They loook lovely and cosy slippers will definately make myself a few pairs for winter.Hope you are enjoying your week of peace with hubby away.Debbie


  3. I'd ask deb to knit me a pair. Except, she says "I hate knitting socks for you. They are nearly as boring as sleeves".As you might have guessed I have big feet. πŸ™‚


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