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How to cheer yourself up

Take one cold wet week
well really, take a cold wet month
And yes we’re talking about Melbourne which is having
a winter like we used to know 
Its been a bit of miserable month for me
I haven’t enjoyed it at all
having the most awful sore throat – think razor blades
and a hacking cough
for a couple of weeks didn’t help either
General dosing with fresh lemon and honey in hot water  
along with panadol and echinacea
and increasing the Fish Oil tablets we take
as well as using some cough mixture
seems to have done the trick
I don’t seem to be able to find the old one called Medallion anymore
So we use one called Irish Moss
Tastes very similar to the other one – sort of an acquired taste
Camphor, Liquorice Extract and Menthol as well as Carrageenan
which seemingly is extracted from red seeweed
Not very expensive and is available at the supermarket
so suits my purse
The grandchildren are wary of mentioning a sore throat when they are here
‘cose Grandma will make them take
that hot tasting black cough mixture lol
Anyway all is well now
but I really needed something to cheer me up
I’d sat around the house for long enough
and needed to get out and enjoy the day
So I went out to lunch today
Went to the Foyer Cafe in Wonga Park
which is actually a training cafe
for those taking TAFE Hospitality course
Now who did I go with that would guarantee me fun and laughter
Well this lovely bunch of ladies
My Red Hat Society Chapter 
all dressed for a cool day
After all it is Winter in Melbourne:))
Did the trick
I feel much better now
Came home giggling all the way down the road
remembering the funny things that had happened
and been said
We are definitely not going to age gracefully lol

7 thoughts on “How to cheer yourself up”

  1. Wow, what a gang of party girls! :)) So cute. 🙂 That sore throat and cough thing is going around the world. We have had it and are finally getting over it. I don't think I'll be over the last cough for awhile yet, though. I hope you feel much better soon.


  2. Who wants to age gracefully! Looks like a fun group of women. I hope you feel better soon, it will be the solstice soon and then the days will get longer and we will all feel better.Keep knitting those scarfs.


  3. Okay! That would cheer me up too. What a fun looking group. My mother goes with her group now and then and always says she's had a good time. I'm old enough, too, but haven't the time right now. And p.s. I researched the answer to your question about my auntie: There is no mandatory retirement age for most federal employees to that's why she could work until she was 87.


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