Water Wednesday

Winter in Melbourne this year has been cold wet and miserable
so given the chance where would I rather be??
Somewhere warm and near the beach of course:))
Like the last trip we did to Hawaii in 2006
click on photos to enlarge
Looks good doesn’t it
Fills the bill – somewhere warm and near the beach
Love it every time we go!!
For more watery pictures from around the world

14 thoughts on “Water Wednesday

  1. It's cold and wet in British Columbia to Cathy… uggghhh.. .where is the warm weather.. Nice shots, mental note to myself: must go to Hawaii some day! Thanks for the comment on my blog… Just so you know, I am forcing myself to read Pride & Prejudice, its just so much easier to watch the A & E mini series version staring Colin Firth then actually reading the book…lolTracy


  2. Oh does that bring back memories. Haven't been there in so long but looking at your shots brings it all back. So much fun, beauty and color in your photos. Thanks for sharing them


  3. Adelaide has beencolder than Melb. lately, I could also do with a bit of sun and surf and a margharita, even a pina colada would do.


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