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More daisies – Todays Flowers

Looking for pictures of Daisy type flowers last week
I found I had other types growing in the garden
These are photos taken over the past Spring/ Summer
late last year or earlier this year
or recent Summers
Heres Felicia amelloides with its tiny blue flowers
growing next to Stachys Byzantina (Lambs Ears) 
This must have been early in Spring
as the long stems of the Stachys
haven’t started to shoot
Thats Sedum Autumn Joy behind them
an Agapanthus to the left and some Salvia to the right
those little Gazania plants are also there
please click the photos for a better view
Then theres that staple of many of our cottage gardens
or Seaside Dasiy
This one rambles around along with a sedum
that grow in front of some westringia
Here its interplanted with some small flowered Agapanthus
If you dont watch it tho’ it can become a nuisance
It doesn’t seem to know the words
– Keep out –
and given the right conditions one tiny little piece
will spread over an enormous amount of ground
I thought I’d be clever and planted some little pieces on a slope
‘just to cover the dirt’
It spreads so much and covers everything in its path
so each winter I have to get down and cut it right back
then I get to see all the little rockery bulbs
that flower amongst the large rocks on the slope
Rest of the year they are hidden from view
I do have another one that opens with pinky lavender coloured flowers
It has slightly different leaves to other ‘usual’ one and has woodier stems
Then of course theres all the Brachyscome in the garden
This one is called ‘Break of Day’ 
which has little lavender blue flowers
So I have lots of these in around the roses 
in what I refer to as
The Blue Bed lol
Oh and I shouldn’t forget the different coloured
Federation Daisies sometimes referred to a Marguerites
Must try to get photos of all of them when they flower next spring
There are times when I think I’m ‘daisy mad’
but they grow so well with such little effort on my part
apart from a haircut now and then.
As they divide so easily or strike root from cuttings so easily 
I think we’d be mad not to grow them lol
To see more flowers from around the world

10 thoughts on “More daisies – Todays Flowers”

  1. Thank you for naming lots of the little patches of flowers I have in my cottage garden! I am going out right now to honour them with their proper titles.Maureen


  2. While daisies are my favorite flower and you have such a beautiful array here, I love those lambs ears. I just came across those a couple of weeks ago and they are just so special.


  3. Hello everyoneThanks for all your comments about the daisy type flowers in my gardenI just have to say these are pictures from last summer or earlier – sorry I didn't make that clear. Will edit and add that to the postCathy


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