Todays Flowers

African Daisy – Todays Flowers

Will the real African Daisy please stand up!
It seems there are several plants that go by that name
wikipedia lists them here
but theres only one in my garden
that actually gets called it 
(only because the ‘proper’ name is a mouthful for me)
First of all I have Arctotis growing in several spots
Such an easy plant to propagate
Dig up a piece with roots
pop into new ground and water
Hey Presto – a free addition to the garden
This group looks great when the lavender comes into bloom
The two sets of greyish leaves look good together 
Then I have a Gazania growing in places
One of those tough as old boots things
found in lots of gardens here in Melbourne
 for years I used to have the plain yellow one in the front garden
However I found this reddy pinky coloured one
in a nursery last year and am trying that out
Only a little plant when these photos were taken
as I’d split the original plant in two lol
The flowers are quite dark when they open
and then as they age they tend to get lighter in colour
And then theres the one I do call African Daisy
but who’s real name is Osteospermum
try saying that in a hurry lol
These are the sweetest little (big) daisy type plants
that sort of grow in a sprawling mess at times
they wheedle their way into a place in the garden 
in and out of other plants
over and under things
and even tho’ I could
I don’t have the heart to trim them back
they look so natural – as tho’ they are supposed to be there
So do you have any of these growing in your garden?
What names do you call them?
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9 thoughts on “African Daisy – Todays Flowers”

  1. Hi Cathy,You have a beautiful garden and I love African daisies. I lived in Australia for 2 years (Sidney area). I still miss it. Then I moved to South Africa. Today I posted something on South African flowers because of the upcoming Fifa soccer cup. Your daisies are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.Anne-Marie


  2. We have some "ordinary" gazanias.The only other thing we have planted in this garden is some seaside daisies (alas we rent).


  3. It is amazing how many different kinds of daisies there are! They are such ceery flowers. Thanks for sharing these phots!


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