This one’s for Angela

Sometimes things just get to be too much
Angela at Earthmama has had a hard time recently
Raising a family can have its problems
Cars and sons can be a problem
Losing our pets can be stressful
especially when they have been part of our family for a long time
When our friends are in strife
and need all the support we can give them
It can be hard on our emotions
I ‘found’ this rainbow in Liverpool Road, Kilsyth this morning
To me it looked like it was the promise of something good
that would follow the storm 
For some reason I thought of Angela and her troubles
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As I drove down the road it seemed to be getting further away
And then when I got to a spot
with what I hoped was a clear view
so I could sit and look
it had almost gone
Angela – I hope all your troubles and worries melt away
just like this rainbow did
Pop over to Earthmama
say Hello to Angela
brighten her day
Tell her Cathy at Still Waters sent you

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