There’s rain in them there hills

Most Saturday mornings
I take the five minute drive from our place down to Montrose
and for most of the year this is how the Dandenongs have looked
as I walked from the carpark to the pet shop
 to pick up the cat meat. 
TV masts clearly in view
with some cloud along the ridge
and blue sky in the background 
click photos to enlarge
But yesterday this was what I saw
A very heavy laden sky 
casting a dark shadow over everything around about
Somewhere in the mist are those huge TV masts
As I walked down the road they were sort of visible
well, the bottom half of them were
Coming back not long after – they were gone
Poured at our place during the afternoon
giving the leaves on the camellias
the chance to have a very welcome wash
Look at all those lovely big fat buds
This plant is near the deck
so will a treat to look at
when they all open
We never complain about rain
These days we don’t seem to get enough of it
My soil is still dry a little way under the suface
so unless its a  torrential downpour that cause damage
you will never hear many of us whinge (?sp) when the heavens open
and lots of wet stuff comes down  

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