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The month of May is the last month of Autumn in Melbourne
Have a look here and see how this website describes the weather in May

‘May is an appreciably cooler month. The last instance until spring of temperatures in the low 20s usually occurs in the first fortnight. The first frosts of the year occur in the outer suburbs late in the month. In the city itself, the coldest night of the month usually has a minimum temperature of 4ºC, a little too high for frost. Fog occurs on several mornings but both frost and fog are usually followed by a fine and sunny day. Cloudy and showery weather may persist for some days at a time, but prolonged heavy rain is rare.’

After reading all that and thinking about the content it occured to me that May this year has been true to form – it has certainly been cooler than April, early in the month we did have some pleasant warm sunny days and we’ve also had the fog and the cloudy showery days.

There have been days when we’ve had the heating on from first thing in the morning until last thing at night and then there have been others when its been turned off during the day, Certainly some very low temps overnight, no frosts (thank goodness) – in fact very much like May used to be before the drought appeared many years ago and the weather became topsy turvy and the Winter rains failed year after year.

Winter (not my favourite season) arrives on June 1st here in Australia, thats the first official day and there are signs of the changing season all over the place.  It appears this is the year for colour – ‘cose even tho’ we like to grow our native trees most of which are evergreen, we also like to see the deciduous exotics in our gardens and it would seem that for some reason they are really noticeable this year.  Most of the leaves have turned and there are blazes of red and yellow all over the place

These trees line a street in Boronia – so much nicer in real life than in this photo

click photos to enlarge

I think these Japanese Maples would have been planted many years ago
There were more closer to the house but I didn’t want to be cheeky and ask if I could go down the drive
Even my neighbour’s young one is ablaze
It puts my little one to shame lol
For some reason mine is only colouring on one side – I’m wondering if its because the right hand side has a far more open aspect than the left – but I don’t know for sure
But guess what I did see that tells me Winter is well and truly on its way
A beautiful Queensland Silver Wattle (Acacia podalyriifolia) starting to bloom 
So theres an extra blanket on the bed, the sleeveless cotton nighties are not in use but the warm PJs are, slippers on the feet (my feet are prone to being cold; heres my piece on cold feet), meals are of the comfort kind and its Milo or hot chocolate to drink instead of water from the fridge
Now that really is the harbinger of Winter
Whats the weather like in your part of the world?  What are your seasons like and are they runnning true to form?
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8 thoughts on “Seasons come – seasons go – My World Tuesday

  1. And as winter slips into your world, summer is slipping into ours — although you wouldn't know it by looking out the window! Rain, wind and while the temps aren't freezing, they're not exactly what I think of as summery!! Love your photos! Great post for the day, Cathy! Have a lovely week!Sylvia


  2. I'm round the corner from you so what you describe is bang on for me.Except out North of the city (where I am )we did have a couple of light frosts earlier in the month.


  3. Very interesting. I've found another person who can talk as much about the weather as I do;) But most of all it's totally opposite to over here. Except for this year when instead of may heat wave we've got indeed "prolonged heavy rain"


  4. As we start our summer here in Virginia, it shows the wonder of this world because yours has ended and witner is coming. What an amazing world we live in and how complicated Mother Nature can be!


  5. I am sure the rest of your Jap. Maple will colour up too. Something to do with the sugars going back into the roots rather than new growth.. Our autumn leaves have just about finished here, only the golds remain.


  6. vibrant colors you have. we have rain today, quite a relief from very the hot summer days we had since April. today is probably the start of our rainy season.


  7. We have been getting some rain the last couple of days which is quite strange for Queensland. I know you get winter rain down south but we get ours through the summer wet season. I have been trying to access your blog for days & it's been telling me I need permission. Thought I would have one last try today & Gazaamm!! I'm through. Got love blogger haven't we Cathy!!LOL


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