Buddhleia – Todays Flowers

With not much actually blooming in the late Autumn
I was happy to find this bush out the back
with some very late flowers 
Buddleia is a very common shrub
that is easy to propagate
It will grow from cuttings and can at times can become weedy
but they are a mainstay of many gardens
for that reason
Its one of those cut to the ground things
and I will bounce right back up again
bigger better and thicker
and it often needs at trim becuase it flowers on new wood 
click photos to enlarge
Most of the ones I have have that shape flower
(sometimes described as clusters of blossoms)
Long and tapering
and are coloured blue or dark almost purple
I do have one with a paler look near the deck
but look what I found last year
at the time it was just a stick, 
an early cutting, and sold in a small tube
A Yellow one
This was taken in March when it had been in the ground a few weeks
Talk about liking where it was planted
It will look good next year when taller
and blending in with the pink Oleander that grows down the driveway
Hopefully they will grow into each other
so the two colours show here and there amongst the leaves
But what I wanted to say was – look at the flower shape
Far thicker and not so tapered
Will be interesting to see what it looks like when its a lot bigger
to see more flowers from around the world

4 thoughts on “Buddhleia – Todays Flowers

  1. I have seen butterfly bush, but never with those lovely silvery leaves! It looks so exotic! And the yellow will be wonderful once it fills out more!!


  2. I love your yellow buddleia, I have seen a yellow one when I've been out walking and it is quite huge, (but it probably has never been cut back). They are lovely plants and seeing your pictures makes me think that I should try growing one again. The last one I had growing was severely pruned by our dog.


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