Melbourne’s Yarra River – Watery Wednesday

Melbourne was built at ‘the end’ of the Yarra River
They say the river flows through the city
or was it that the city was built alongside the river lol
It cuts through Melbourne as it flows along to the Bay
and from there out to sea
Whatever it is we have a fabulous waterway in our beautiful city
If you look here you’ll find
some really good interesting facts about the river
It’s a rather murky river to look at – not crystal clear like some others
It seems the brown muddy colour
is the result of the clay soil underneath
Now here we have it during the day
 lined with those tall city buidings
It was a dull day when I took this
and it certainly didn’t look all that interesting
But come the night and the city lights up
like Cinderella, it’s the belle of the ball
I had to go into Melbourne one evening last week
and took these photos as I walked over Princes Bridge
On the right hand side you can see the big city buildings
with their lights reflected in the water
On the left hand side
you can see the walkway that lines Southbank
The lights of Southgate Promenade give an eerie look to the area
and it wasn’t until I really looked at them
I noticed the figure in the far left hand corner
Wonder who he was wating for??
To get the full benefit of the night photos
you really will have to click and enlarge them
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10 thoughts on “Melbourne’s Yarra River – Watery Wednesday

  1. What lovely shots. Lights reflecting on the water at night is always beautiful. And I like the first shot – doesn't matter how the sky looks. šŸ™‚


  2. Lovely piccies.And I have never thought the lower reaches were very photogenic. Most of my piccies of the Yarra have been taken up near Warburton.


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