A Circle of Friends

This little concrete statue is commonly called
‘A Circle of Friends’
When I posted a picture the other day
several people made comments about it
and asked where it came from
This one of mine 
which represents a circle of women
with long dresses and lovely long hair
was given to me by a friend in Adelaide
and it usually sits on a table outside the back door
It gives me a good feeling when I see it there
Its sort of rustic yet homely as well
and I really do like it.
Unfortunately someone else liked it a bit too much
and dropped it
One of the poor ladies lost her head in the tumble
but Dh and that really strong glue came to the rescue
As you can see there is a dip in the centre of the group
which looks like the place to put one of those little tea lights
and it wasn’t until I looked it up on the net
I found out that theses statues are actually meant to be candle holders
I have been using ours on summer evenings
on the table or under a chair on the deck
as a holder for the mosquito coil lol
Seems there’s a legend 
attached to the statue
(which I wasn’t aware of) 
This is what I found on the internet
The Legend of the Circle of Friends
Ancient native legend says that at the end of the evening, friends would gather around a bonfire and share their hearts. They would speak of the good qualities of each other and remember times shared. As the embers faded their friendship was said to be sealed anew, bringing them closer together.
Since the beginning of time, friendship has been the most important relation that people have experienced. According to the Native American legend, people used to gather around a new fire to celebrate peace and brotherhood among tribes. The legend says that if you give a “Circle of Friends” to a person you care for, your bonds of friendship will endure forever.
This ‘circle of friends’ will never let go of each other’s arms. Inextricably entwined, they represent an ancient pre-Columbian ceremonial dance symbolizing the unbroken circle of friendship. Made in western Mexico, each dancer is individually shaped by hand from terra-cotta.
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3 thoughts on “A Circle of Friends

  1. I've seen these statues but in terracotta, even if they are meant to be a candleholder, they would still make a great mosquito coil holder, mines usually sits in a terracotta saucer until someone kicks it over accidentally.


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