April 29 – Y

Letter Y of The Blogging from A-Z April Challenge
Another letter I thought would stump me
but after a little while I came up with this

Yesterday – the day before today

I often think about what I did yesterday,
about the things I should have done yesterday
and start to wonder if I’ll ever get back on track

Its then I remember that little saying my Mum
would sometimes come out with

‘Yesterday is history; Tomorrow is a mystery.
But today is a gift, and that’s why it is called the present’

More often than not the things I should have done
 were associated with homework
and more often than not
she’d follow up by telling me to get on
and do it now while I thought about it
Didn’t always works tho lol

The word ‘Yesterday’ features quite a bit in songwriting
PoemHunter has a list
of 400 songs that have the word Yesterday in lyrics  

Here are two  ‘Yesterdays’ that have been recorded by many artists

Firstly theres Yesterday by the Beatles first recorded in 1965
and then theres my real favourite
Yesterday when I was young
first written in 1961
and sung here by Charles Aznavour

And of course there is
Yesterdays – A former period of time or of one’s life

It’s those yesterdays I’m very interested in
The past days and years that were lived by my and my dh’s family

Work on Family Histories
is made up of yesterdays and yesteryears
No matter what what said or done in the past
those yesterdays and yesteryears
will always be of interest to me

So what did I do yesterday?

Well first of all I did a bit of
You know when you want something you once had

To long, have a strong desire (for something);
To look back with melancholy,
nostalgically hanker
 desire strongly or persistently

My yearning was just
for my feet to be warm lol
Preferably by burying them in warm sand
on a nice warm beach

instead of being warmed by Slippers

It was really cold yesterday morning
(down to 8c/46f)
so before they hit the floor
my little tootsies had to be popped into slippers
to keep them warm lol

I went to the library and saw lots of Yacking
Well that what it looked like
Ducks and Purple Swamphens at the library pond
having a little word with each other

Chucked a yewy at the traffic lights

Yewy : u-turn in traffic
drove home
and saw lots of Yellow

but didn’t see this favourite of mine

The little yellow balls of fluff on the Wattle trees
Not in bloom here yet but seen in Adelaide this past weekend
One species of wattle, Acacia pycnantha, is the floral emblem of Australia
and is featured on the coat-of-arms.
photos are best enjoyed if you click to enlarge

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  1. Hi Cathy – I found my way back to your blog after seeing a comment you wrote back a year ago on my Tea post! So I decided to revisit as I hadn't been polite and respond to your comment back then!So here I am much later – and I am going to follw your blog – feel free to do likewise with mine! – as I like what I see. I haven't been visited by Aussie friends in some time and I haven't been by Linda (treechanger) for a while eiter – you found me via her. My blog etiquette has improved in that I now respond to all posts if I can – oversight if I don't. Look forward to you revisiting and apologies for my earlier rudeness!Catherine.


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