April 28 -X

Letter X of The Blogging from A-Z April Challenge
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Have a read of this:
X is typically a sign for the compound consonants [ks]; or sometimes when followed by an accented syllable beginning with a vowel, or when followed by silent h and an accented vowel [ɡz] (e.g. exhaust, exam); usually [z] at the beginnings of words (e.g. xylophone, Xenon), and in some compounds keeps the [z] sound, as in (e.g. meta-xylene). It also makes the sound [kʃ] in words ending in -xion (typically used only in British-based spellings of the language; American spellings tend to use -ction). It can also represent the sounds [ɡʒ] or [kʃ], for example, in the words luxury and sexual, respectively. Final x is always [ks] (e.g. ax/axe) except in loan words such as faux (see French, below). In abbreviations, it can represent “trans-” (e.g. XMIT for transmit, XFER for transfer), “cross-” (e.g. X-ing for crossing; XREF for cross-reference), “Christ” (e.g. Xmas for Christmas; Xian for Christian), the “Crys” in Crystal (XTAL), or various words starting with “ex” (e.g. XL for extra large; XOR for exclusive-or). There are very few English words that start with X – the least amount of any letter. Many of the words that do start with X are either standardized trademarks (XEROX) or acronyms (XC). No words in the Basic English vocabulary begin with X, but it occurs in words beginning with other letters. It is often found in a word with an E before it.


Once you’ve read that you will realise X is a bugger of a letter
 X is the third most rarely used letter in the English language.

so what am I going to come up with for this one

Well I suppose here in Australia we could always show you this

Most people over 18 would know what it represented

XXXX (pronounced fourex) is a brand of Australian beer brewed in Milton, Brisbane by Queensland brewers, Castlemaine Perkins. It enjoys wide popularity in the state of Queensland and is commonly found on-tap in most Queensland pubs and bars.

or theres that saying
X marks the spot

Supposedly from British army officers pinning a piece of paper
with X on it to the chest of someone about to be executed

But it could come from
a radio programme
something the Hubble Telescope saw
Could it be a spot on a map
(like a pirates’s treasure map)

but the X our family is interested in is this one
The one Dh’s Great Grandmother Julia made when she registered his Grandfather’s birth in 1878

you have to look carefully or click and enlarge


These days we take reading and writing as a norm
but evidently from what we see on this copy of the birth certificate
Dh’s ancestor was unable to write her name
and made her mark with an X

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  1. I have been wondering how you would deal with the tricky X. Well done – amusing, informative and interesting, as usual!


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