April 20 – Q

Letter Q of The Blogging from A-Z April Challenge
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Q is the seventeenth letter of the basic modern Latin alphabet

also Q is the second most rarely used letter in the English language.
So to begin with I thought Q would stump me
have no fear – heres what I came up with.

But first – a little introduction

The one animal I have had the most to do with is the cat
We had cats when I was young
They were independent enough to please my Mother
who wasn’t an animal sort of person
How Dad persuaded her to allow us to have one I’ll never know
‘cose she was for ever complaining about it/them
Oh yes, I can still hear the screams
when one used to bring rabbits home
and leave them outside the door
– right outside –
just where she would find them

I know we all have childhood memories
For me it was purring next to my ear as I was going to sleep
and the yells coming up the stairs
Have you got that cat in your bed again!!

Anyway fast forward a lot of years
and once Dh came out of the forces I was ‘allowed’ a cat
or rather I got a cat for me and the children
Several moggy types – black, ginger, tabby – all wonderful in their own way
shared our home
 as well as my dd’s Siamese
Present from one of of her husbands
(don’t ask – long story)
Left at our home when they seperated
and she went off to Europe
to ‘find herself’
Unfortunately she forgot to
come round and find’ Silk when she returned 10 years later lol

Then I came upon a Burmese and was hooked.
I met up with the Balinese at the same time and took to them as well

Its 20years since we brought our first one home
that deed then led to showing and then to breeding
Now we have just 2 pets to keep us company
One old fella of nearly 18 and our last breeding queen who’s 10 now
Yes they are a healthy breed that baring accidents live to a ripe old age

If I had to describe them I’d say
Some think they are human
and others are ??? – well they just are lol

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Now on to todays letter
My contribution to the Qday

Quirky Cats who love to climb

These are scanned photos from a few years ago
click on these photos to enlarge and enjoy

Questioning Cats

Leroy and the Cockateil
Wonder whats in there?
Oh hello – wonder what you’d taste like?
Q ueens with kittens who Question
Anna below seemed to be saying :
Some of these are the wrong colour – wheres their Mother?
Whereas Belle with her first litter is asking:
Is it always like this?
And here ‘cose I loved this sweet angel
from the day he arrived as a tiny waif
till the day he crossed the Rainbow Bridge
Without question the
quietest, quirkiest, most quaintly ‘qute cat  
we have ever had
whose main aim in life was to sleep as much as he could 
and keep the others in line
– Tox –
named by a dd ‘cose she just a little bit tipsy
the night she found him at the side of the road

5 thoughts on “April 20 – Q

  1. As I read this my Zebby has purred himself into a happy daze – he's snuggled down on the bed in the sunshine. I love cats for their very contrariness.Tox reminds me very much of Zeb, only Zeb isn't interested in ruling other cats – food is more important!Sending huggles and purrrumbles, Michelle and Zebby


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