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Here in my garden east of Melbourne and most likely all of Victoria there are both Ringtail and Brush Tail Possums and love them or hate them we can do nothing about them as here in Australia they are a protected species.
Catching and killing is prohibited – we just live with them. They are territorial so they will die or be killed by others if moved to another place.

Most years they are just a minor nuisance that takes a fancy to the new green tips of next doors huge oak tree and then sleep all day long in the boxes the neighbours have provided for them. We know they are around as they yell and hiss at each other during the night and have the most atrocious table manners and leave half of the tips on the ground above where they were grazing.

This year same as nearly every other year they are taking advantage of my good feelings and seem to have invited most of the local population to their all night parties. There have been a few fisty cuffs (theirs) along with a good amount of bad language (mine) thrown in for good measure outside my window most nights recently.

It also appears that the short cut to these all night raves is via the trees adjacent to us, over our roof, and then via the trees on the other side of our house to goodness knows where.

How do I know that – well to begin with recently I thought something had fallen down in the house during the night and went back to sleep, then there was a rustling in the trees followed by more and more thuds and what seemed like size 10 boots running over the roof finishing off with more faint rustling on the other side of the house.

They also have been taking advantage of the power lines from the street to the house, which is a lot quieter but not quite as fast and devil may carish than the rooftop route – but – they seem to stop and natter half way. Going by the poop and pee on the boot of my car DH thinks it must be a couple of females ‘cose males only say G’Day and then are on their way whereas females stop and want life histories each time the meet.!!

SO it’s back to the Frisbees on the power lines, parking the car in another spot and accepting the population has grown this year. One good thing we are thankful for is that they haven’t found their way into the roof and use it as a bedroom during the day.

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5 thoughts on “April 19 – P

  1. Wonderful post and enjoyed the photos. Thanks Cathy, your sense of humor shines through even if it is stretched a bit by these pesky critters.


  2. The lovely Aussie bush-tailed possum is a noxious pest here. There are over 70 million of them and they decimate the native trees and birds (eating eggs and chicks).You're welcome to have them back!


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