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Letter N of The Blogging from A-Z April Challenge
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Here are a few N words
Nincompoop – A silly, foolish, or stupid person
Numskull – A stupid person; a nitwit
Nitwit – An idiot, a fool
Does anyone know why these words all beginning with N have a similar meaning?
No? Neither do I.
Todays word is N and heres todays post.  Its all bout what was New to me
Last year we finally accepted that we were retired and went away for the winter.  Not overseas as we sometimes do but here in Australia
Yes, we joined the ranks of the ‘Grey Nomads’
Well, we sort of became one – we didn’t tow a van but stayed in cabins along the way
In Australia these retired travelers are called “grey nomads” 
 They usually travel north in winter in their RVs to catch the warmer weather and return south for spring and summer. 
Different names in different countries but basically the same idea
– when its cold where you live – You follow the sun
We ventured to the Far North of Queensland and thats where I discovered a few things that were new to me
First I discovered that even tho we were travellers in the International sense and had driven interstate quite a few times we were relatively new travellers in our own country
I had to plan very differently than for any of our other trips
We had taken a similar trip the year before but in a different format.  This time there wasn’t so much of the ‘sightseeing’ and moving along the road all the time but a destination at the end of a four day drive from here to Bowen 
We stayed in the one place for seven weeks, lived life and got to know the town and some of the residents.  Then did the sightseeing coming home over two more weeks down a different highway to the one went up on.
We had to take along casual wear at home clothing as well as going out types – We had to find space for Dh’s gold clubs went in the car lol
Staying in a van park 5 mins from the beach isn’t quite the same as staying in a hotel in a city
Yes, we were able to unpack and not have to repack for several weeks but there was still only a limited space.  And trying to live in that small space for more than a few days was a challenge for me – not being the tidiest of people it was a big challenge lol
New to me was learning that a quick clear up round the cabin would suffice – as we weren’t exactly living in there 24 hours of the day – most of the time was spent outside in the fresh air so it really didn’t get untidy, someone would come in and clean it through thoroughly once a week so all I had to do was wash our clothes and keep it tidy.  Keeping the sand out was the major challenge lol
But the cooking that was a bigger challenge.  Living ‘normally’ as opposed to living on the road meant no driving up the road for take away or eating out – even tho’ there were loads of pubs and restaurants in the town, for economy reasons more than anything else I’d sort of said before we started out I’d try to cook as I would at home.  
Knowing there was cookware provided I wasn’t too bothered about taking pots and pans BUT New to me was trying to cook pumpkin soup and realising there wasn’t a big stock pot.  New to me was attempting to cook it in two medium saucepans and an electric frypan and using the bamix I’d brought with me instead of having the blender I would normally use to make it smooth.  Cleaning the walls of thick yellow soup was (not) a hoot
New to me was trying to contain all the craft I had brought along to fill in the time.  It was great when it was all packed in the car for travelling but where was I going to put all those projects when they were on the go.  Solution was to get very large bags and store under the bed – only drawback was having to put it all up on the couch when the girls came in to change the bedding and do the floors.  So another new to me was having to put it all away properly each time I finished with it.
Other things New to me
The generosity of other park users – didn’t matter how you were travelling – staying in a tent, a caravan/trailer, a cabin or a huge great winnebago you were one of them
Finding free fresh produce at the office – pickers living in the park would bring and leave it for other residents. 
Walking along the beach in the warm sunshine each day and not being worried – or cold – a feeling of relaxation and not one of wanting to be on the go all the time like I do most times we are away from home on holidays
A welcoming town who were proud of their town – it was used in the movie Australia
Discovering the population swells with the season – once the hot humid wet season approaches the visitors leave for home
Also the concern of people we met when they discovered where we lived and our proximity to the horrendous bushfires of the previous February now known as Black Saturday 
Also New to me was the amount of birdlife I’d never seen before – Like this Black Kite


Aren’t they a wonderful bird to see – very new to me and certainly not one I get in my back garden

They were moving around the sky so quickly I just followed with my eye to the viewfinder of my little point and shoot on full zoom and click continuously.  I have cropped most of the sky out and brought them closer for you all to see
If you check the sidebar there are a few posts about this trip
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  1. WOW what an awesome post, when my husband was alive we had what we call in the UK a caravan which used to be attatched to the car. we'd go away for a week-end or perhaps a week or two. We kept it on a camp site where we made many friends over the years. Ah what memories.The photo's are really splendid and are a pleasure to look at.Look forward to your "O" word tomorrow.Yvonne.


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