April 7 – F

Letter F of The Blogging from A-Z April Challenge
Such a little word that can be used in so many ways
Click on this link and have your eyes opened
‘Follow the sun’ is my favourite
‘cose I hate being cold:)
But today I want to tell you about
Females in the Family who have Followed their men
Fate decided that the armed forces would play a large role in my family
So there have been females in my family who have done just this
Followed their men – to the sun
Heres the lady that started it all
or at least the first one that we can name 
This is my Great Grandmother Jane
Quite a feisty young woman from what I’ve been told
Here she is not long after getting married in 1876
with Great Grandad John Doyle and her lapdog
just before they moved with his regiment to India
Anyway here she is looking very nice in her finery
She travelled all those miles
in not the best of conditions to stay with the
one she loved
Raising children a very hot country
miles away from her family back in Ireland
Great Grandad’s father also was in the army
as was Great Grandma Jane’s
so maybe both my Great Great Grandmothers also followed.
One of GtGtGrandad Doyle’s regiments we know of was the 36th foot (Worcesters)
whose nickname was
‘The Saucy Greens’
The old 36th were so called on account of their green facings, that is, the collars and cuffs of the tunics. It has been suggested that the selection of this colour is due to the Regiment having been raised in Ireland, but this is uncertain. The Saucy Greens: a 2nd Battalion nickname, alluding to the 36th’ s facings and ‘their admiration of the fair sex’, as the Victorian cartoonist, Starr Wood, rather primly put it.
Who wouldn’t want to follow a fella from that regiment lol
Now standing behind the fence is my Grandmother
Catherine Mary Jane
This photo was taken in India where she had followed my Grandad
He was also an Irishman in the British army 
The blond littlie is my mother Alice Mary
with her twin sister Marjorie Jane
playing with a parrot they had as a pet
Love the undies:))
My Mum also followed my Dad,
an Irishman in the Royal Air Force
this time to Cyprus in the Mediterranaean
and of course there is me
Catherine Mary
who changed it a little bit and married an Englishman also in the RAF
and followed him to Penang and Singapore in the Far East
and then on to here
Australia the land of the sunshine
None of my girls have followed their man anywhere like those above
maybe ‘cose I broke the mould and didn”t give either of them a famiily name
but I have high hopes for one of my grand girls
Caitlin Jane
so called ‘cose her mother didn’t want her named after me
(long story best left alone)
Little did she know Caitlin is a similar name to Catherine
and Jane has been in the family for along time lol
Recently Caitlin mentioned wanting to travel
and go somewhere different (like India or Africa) with some of her friends
especially with one of her male friends
Hope her Dad doesn’t get to know as she’s only 15 
and the boy she spoke of is from Irish stock lol

10 thoughts on “April 7 – F

  1. Fabulous stories and pictures. My grandmother was MaryAnne Doyle and her father one John Doyle from Ireland. I'm sure there are too many Doyles in Ireland to expect a link but there has been a Catherine in every generation!


  2. Such wonderful pictures of the past…I am the only one in our family that I know of who followed her love from pillar to post…and after more than 20 years of following, settled down and kept his Navy feet planted in good old South Carolina dirt , lol…but what a life you and I have had…wouldn't change a second of it, would you?hugsSandi


  3. I think the trend for more independent career minded women has come and the current and future generations will see more men following women. I've seen some cases in my own family already. Marriage is a team effort and if you follow the money that's where to team goes if you want to keep it a team.Interesting family history.LeeBlogging From A to Z April Challenge


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