Noisy time in Melbourne

We certainly have had a lot of noise in the city over the past couple of days
The rain that has been forecast for what seems like ages finally arrived – and did it arrive. lol
Thunder and lightning along with torrential downpours yesterday and the day before caused terrible problems in the city and also outer areas.
There was flooding in so many places the SES were out in force, one house took a lightning strike and caught fire, the airport was out of action for hours, trains trams and buses were almost non existent as the storm very nicely arrived at ‘home time’ aka rush hour, my back garden was under water for hours – looked like a lake and the batteries were dead in the camera so I couldn’t get a photo :(( – and Melbourne Water says all that rain hasn’t done much for our storage levels.

As they say – you can read all about here:-

And the other noise – Oh yes Acaa Dacca ( AC/DC) were in town for their first concert here in many a year.  Some loved it – others weren’t impressed.

The’re having a night off tonight and will be back tomorrow for another concert at Docklands and then another on Monday. Not sure I’d like to live close by lol

One of our sons was/is a fan and drove us nuts with the noise that came out of his bedroom lol

2 thoughts on “Noisy time in Melbourne

  1. Good ol AC/DC. I had their albums in my younger days, and then I got them again in CD form. Unfortunately my son has "borrowed" them and I never got them back. they are either in his room, a black hole in the universe, or in his car. Oh well its good to know the generation gap is non exstant in this house.


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