Skywatch Friday

It has been very hot recently
Sunny and dry with not a cloud in the sky
Heres the TV towers on the Dandenongs taken last week 
standing tall and visible for all the world to see
click on photos for a better view
This is the same place yesterday
(the roundabout at Montrose, east of Melbourne) 
big billowing clouds running the length of the hills
Late in the afternoon
it seemed as though the sun was shining up from behind and below them
so there is no detail on the mountain face
The clouds gave the impression of steam rising up from the other side lol
Those hot dry days have turned steamy and humid this week
Here are more of those lovely billowing clouds
beneath a layer of black storm clouds
Taken from my back deck waiting for a storm that never arrived
I hate the build up and then the let down
as it passes over with not a drop coming down 
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