Watery Wednesday – Feb 2010 – 2

McCrae Beach
Mornington Penninsula
We have arrived at February – the last official month of summer
That doesn’t mean to say the warm weather will disappear tho’
Going through old photos recently I came across these
taken a few years ago now
in March if I recall
This is the beach at McCrae
one of the suburbs that border Port Phillip Bay
as you make your way down the Mornington Peninsula
About an hour and a halfs drive from our house
we would go there when our children were small
and this day I had gone down with a daughter and grandchildren  
It was really quiet that day – not many beach umbrellas
so you can see the lovely sandy beach
and the view back up past Dromana to Safety Beach
These are reasonably safe beaches
and at the height of summer would be jam packed with with families
Here you see how far the tide goes out
which makes it ideal for Beach Cricket
As I said these were taken a few years ago
The little tiny girl on the right
at the back of the picture
started High School this term lol
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