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Do you ever wonder?

Do you ever wonder who has walked down a path before you
Yes I know that sounds ‘very deep’
but this is what I actually mean
Last year whilst we up in
we would take a walk on the beach each day
Each time we stepped onto the sands
I’d look one way up Queens Beach
and then the other way
And if I saw footprints in the sand
I would often wonder who they belonged to.
Were they enjoying life- having a good time
a very easy thing to do in the winter sunshine
of Far North Queensland
I really like this great impression of a foot I saw in the sand
And this big shoe print – looks like a man’s to me
Walking on his own by the look of it
I couldn’t find any dog paw prints close by
And these might be the group of women
who would walk each morning
just after breakfast
Now when I think back
to the lovely peaceful restful 7 weeks
we spent up there in the sun
while it was cold and wintery in Melbourne
2400 kms away down south
I sometimes look at the photos
and often wonder who
the footprints belonged to

6 thoughts on “Do you ever wonder?”

  1. Hi Cathy,I wonder daily! We now have 6 Generations of Family members whos lived on our land.I wonder would they be happy the way we're carrying on, would they this or that. I fully understand your question!Have a great day!Blessins',Lib


  2. And perhaps you can sit down some day and write a marvelous novel about your imaginary people… Going to have to forbid anonymous comments on my blog — they have started using it for spam. GRRRRR


  3. I've never thought of footprints that way before and now any time I'll see one, I'll be thinking "I wonder who they belonged to?"! lol I just love all the foot/shoe prints you took pictures of. Ah, to be walking on the beach right now sounds sooooo good!! It's -7c (16F) here right now…brrrrrr. xoxo


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