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And life goes on

Its been a really lazy week here – sitting about knitting and either enjoying some of the cooler weather outside or sitting about watching the tennis inside.   I did discover that trying out a new lace pattern and watching tennis do not mix – especially when you are trying to ‘set the pattern’ in your head and keep putting the wool forward in the wrong place lol
I’m sure that from next week my life won’t go along at such a slow pace – all the regular weekly commitments begin again and I’ll be wondering why there aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all. We are only into the fourth week of this year and our calender already has days marked in most of the months – and I heard mention yesterday that the footy (aussie rules that is) begins soon lol 
So with the Australia Day Long Weekend out of the way, and school resuming it seems as tho’ Summer is winding down which is a bit of a furphy as there are still two months of summer left and February is often the hottest month of the year  – the Ash Wednesday fires in ’83 and the Black Saturday fires last year both took place in February
Anyway its another six weeks till the next one Long Weekend which is Labour Day or better known as Moomba Weekend here in Victoria.  And from the amount of caravans and boats I saw being towed down the Maroondah Highway the other day I think every van park has been emptied out and it would seem all the travellers are back home.  Till that weekend in March when some – not all – will pack up and drive out of town for a few days. 

If the weathers not too good then, there’s always Easter after that in early April and then its on to Anzac Day which is on a Sunday (April 25th) when there’ll be a good many people decide its too good an opportunity to miss and will make it a very Long Weekend as the Monday has been declared a public holiday here in Victoria.  Bet there’ll be more take the Tuesday off as well.  Yes we Australians do like our Long Weekends lol

Most of the vans I saw were a fairly normal family size like these ones that were opposite us in the van park at Bowen.  The lifestyle appeals to me but dh won’t tow and we seem to get just as much enjoyment from being in cabins without all those problems so I keep mum and don’t carry on about it.
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However up in Queensland we did notice a lot of these larger type home from home – room for a swimming pool and a pony carrying the car and sometimes a boat on top of the trailer at the back – custom made (sell your home in the suburbs to buy it) Winnebago motor homes on the road.   Not sure I could do that tho’
Last year we went to a camping and caravan exhibition in Adelaide and saw all manner of tents, trailer tents, 5th wheelers, motor homes and caravans but didn’t see one like this
Imagine that parked in your driveway at home
I reckon it would turn a few heads as you drove down the higway as well

5 thoughts on “And life goes on”

  1. Gday Cathy,Australia day weekend was a longweekend at my place all the Boys had Monday RDO'S.. was party time.. I must say I loved traveling north for winter in our Caravan till i got sick.Those caravan days are over, but Ive seen caravans, motor homes, Coaches in all shapes and sizes. and I know a couple that sold there home to buy motor home to travel Oz.. said they would never buy a home again they just love coach life… .


  2. Ah, when ANZAC day falls at the weekend here we do not get a Monday holiday, and the same with Waitangi Day on Feb 6th.However the two days are widely and very strongly honoured and commemorated, which is what really matters.Now schools have started back Wellington's weather has improved hugely, which is so, so typical of Wellywood!With laughter and care,Michelle and Zebbycat (we don't do well in the Wellington version of heat)


  3. You can have the cool weather heading our way…. Tommorow the High is 4*C and Low is -3*C. I really love the RV's, my family had a small one that would pop up, it was great… but I always prefered to go camping in a tent… you know rough it like the pioneers did.


  4. I'd love to tour Aussie Cathy but….not with my husband driving !!! He tends to look at everything around, not the road ahead. Imagine how it would be for me. Him driving and enjoying the view and me watching the road, warning him to the danger ahead. OOooooooooooooooooooooooh, too hard. LOVL 🙂


  5. We used to go camping when my children were young, all of us (5) piled into a tent! Now I see all these huge campers and wished I had had one then! But it was fun in the tent, cooking over the fire and sitting around the fire late at night. Happy memories!


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