Those inbetween days

It’s a funny time this between Christmas and the New Year here in Australia its usually a very quiet time, being summer so many people are away, so its a time to recharge and ponder ones navel lol
Boxing Day (the day after Christmas Day) Dh had planned to meet up with a freind and golf – thats if I didn’t mind. How could I say no to him??  Some days its like swings and roundabouts – there’ll be a time when I need something done and I’ll ask him nicely, just like he did with the golf lol

Anyway there is a long tradition of a cricket test match being played here in Melbourne, starting on Boxing Day and being a public holiday the first day is usually sold out so we always watch on TV. This year Australia are playing Pakistan – we had already played The Windies (West Indies) earlier in the year and that didn’t turn out to be the best of series. They are not the side they used to be back in the 1970’s and for some reason we weren’t a crash hot team for those 3 tests either.

So with Dh safely ensconced at the golf course I messed around most of the morning listening to the opening session on the radio and checking out the TV minus sound, then took one DD and one GD to visit A Pam in the afternoon.  Its terrible to admit that in days gone by I would have been at the Boxing Day sales the minute the shops opened – I certainly don’t need anything more in the house but I also have to admit I wondered what ‘bargains’ there may have been lol

Dropped in on our other DD on the way home to see what her DD thought of the Netball ring we gave her for Christmas. Somehow I think she was more interested in the Ipod thingy she got (latest version with big touch screen etc lol)

Sunday after nipping in very quickly to A Pam – my cousin (her son) has come over from Perth for a few days and was taking her out to lunch so I popped in to do her hair and make sure she’d been dressed in the ‘nice’ clothes we put out – I started to sort through the bags on the spare bed – you know those ones hastily stuffed at the last minute with things from corners – put there out of the way ‘cose you want the visible rooms to be just so if people dropped in unannounced – I did actually put some things away in their proper spots and started a bag for the op-shop but then I got side tracked when I picked up a bag of knitting wool – bad move – ‘cose since then I’ve finished a couple of those little sleeveless jackets I knit for a charity stall and half a childs cardigan for the same place:)) 
A Pam gets very confused if theres a lot of people around – along with his wife, there was also his daughter and boyfriend who had come over from Perth to see her Grandma possibly for the last time and with our Melbourne cousin and her husband there it would have been just too many -so I had lunch with him yesterday  and it meant I could chat to Graeme and the family on our own and not have to vie for his time lol
My goodness thats an awful lot of words just to say I’ve done very little since Christmas Day:))
Somehow or another I think my family know me well
The photo below seems to sum up my life at the moment
My love of the House and mainly the Garden
and also Music must be very obvious
‘cose I received several gift cards to The Big Green Barn
aka as B’unnings
and one to a favourite Butchers Shop over at Chirnside Park
(will come in very handy when I get the freezer emptied)
One of those new fangled photo frames which Dh has already loaded a disk into
Also tickets to see the Jersey Boys
Choccies yea

4 thoughts on “Those inbetween days

  1. My husband produced a box this morning of chocolates that someone had given him, only 4 left though, but I thought it was sweet. May go get them soon before someone else finds them.


  2. Sounds like you have been busy! I have been coughing non-stop and wheezing. I am off the the doctor this afternoon since my asthma seems to be out of control….I swear this house is trying to kill me! In between coughing I have been making sock monkeys for my little ones. Great fun!


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