Festive December -Snowmen

I think we all love the ‘funny little Christmasy things’
the children make either at school or at home
How many of you have made these snowmen before?
Using the inside of a toilet roll, wadding, felt, ribbon and paper
Oh and a piece of pipecleaner
I vaguely remember making something like this when I was small
but don’t think we used the same materials
(post WW2 it was a case of make do and mend)
I think white crepe paper was involved
Anyway I helped my children with them
(and Santas as well using red crepe paper)
but this is one I made with grandchildren a few years ago now
Not sure what has happened to the ones they took home
to show their Mums that day
but mine gets put away each year
to come out again about this time
Here he is on the kitchen windowsill with some others for company
Totally out of place in our summer sunshine

Putting these bits and pieces round the house
is sort of a tradition that migrants from the Northern Hemisphere
clung to when they resettled Down Under
Bit like some of us having a hot meal on Christmas Day
when it could be 40c/104f lol

3 thoughts on “Festive December -Snowmen

  1. when my children were little we found some very cheap wooden ornaments and bought some pain and we all painted them. I still have them and the ornaments they made at kinder and they have pride of place on the tree.The kids dont like them any more but in a few years time thay will again.I love them.


  2. I wish I still had all the ones my kids created through the years. In one of our moves we lost some things…. the most valuable being some photographs. Can't cry over spilt milk, though. Just have to make new memories….


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