Watery Wednesday Dec 2009 -1

The Bridge over the Broken River
in Benalla Victoria
Last week we walked alongside the Broken River in Benalla
– enjoyed watching all the waterbirds –
and saw the lovely plain but strong looking bridge
Old photo courtesy National Library Australia
It was built nearly 100 years ago yet this road bridge has no name
It seems that plans are afoot to change this
I found that out from this article – here
Heres what it looked like last week
On a quiet peaceful day with lots of reflections in the water
The white building in the distance on the other side
Unfortunately we didn’t have time to crossover and pay a visit
please click on the photos to enlarge them
Getting closer we could see the War Memorial on the other side
Look at the fabulous patterns the pillars made underneath

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7 thoughts on “Watery Wednesday Dec 2009 -1

  1. I know this bridge well. My uncle jumped off this bridge when he was young and did not see a log floting in the river. He had to have 6 stitches in his chin. The story got told to us everytime we whent over it to visit relatives in Wangaratta.


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