Horseshoe Bay Bowen – Watery Wednesday

Horseshoe Bay
Northern end of the Whitsundays
August 2009
This is a photograph I found on the Internet
before we left for our trip
And below is what it looked like the day we went there
Taken from the same spot up at the lookout
Its a very small bay
– almost deserted that day –
but because its protected from the wind
can become very congested at times

A friend and I drove down there very early in the morning
when the fellas were at golf and it was so quiet
By early afternoon we couldn’t move lol

Lovely clean sand – warm waters
Because it protected the water is warmer
than round the corner at the other beaches
It also has rocky outcrops
good for snorkelling
This is my contribution to
Watery Wednesday
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19 thoughts on “Horseshoe Bay Bowen – Watery Wednesday

  1. Oh, I love the beach, and this is a lovely one indeed! Hubby and I go almost every weekend to see the sunset. This past week we went in the morning instead, and it looked completely different, with the tide and waves so high.


  2. How I'd love to be on that beach right this minute!!!! Wow, you really did duplicate that internet shot of the cove very well…it all looks so inviting. xoxo


  3. Lovely beach! Beutiful pictures! I would really like to be there right now. In Sweden it is autumn, the sky is grey and it's raining every day. I don't remember the last time a saw the sun.


  4. Your wonderful photos make my mouth water! I love the beach and this looks like the perfect place to go and layout and enjoy the warm water! Thanks for sharing!Caprice


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