My place and Yours – Bedside

Pip over at Meet Me at Mikes has been running a fun meme
where you post an image in line with the weekly theme 
This weeks theme is
With all the warm dry weather this week I’ve been out in the garden
clearing, tidying up and spreading mulch around
I’ve been aching each night and have resorted to a nice warm bath
made all the better with a handful of washing soda in the water.
Then this morning I went to my first Pump class since we got home
Oh I’ve walked as much as the weather would permit
but as far as working those muscles its been nil
so I’m feeling even more weary this evening
and will be in the bedroom fairly soon
Now back to the meme
This is what the sides of our bed look like
This is mine
sort of pretty pretty
Books lamp clock radio necessary meds.
and a covered box for all the bits and pieces I seem to collect
The little hat on the wall is a reminder of Dh’s aunt in Canada
click on the photos for a clearer view
Now this is the other side of the bed
As well as a lamp I can see
a wallet – a hat – a stubby holder –
some cough mixture and echinacea ( dh has a cold lol )
golf balls – petrol receipts
a savings pig for loose change –
a covered box for bits he collects
(last time I looked it had some golf tees in there)
but also various bits of stuff on the bottom shelf
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6 thoughts on “My place and Yours – Bedside

  1. I love your side of the bed.. but how COOL to see the other side of the bed! It's ace. I love how practical it is and full of funny things! Thanks for playing along! xx


  2. Your dh's side is not messy, but why doesn't guys stuff look more like a shed than a home? Obviously it is the things not the way they are arranged. I thought it was the other way around. I will have to have kinder thoughts about my husband's stuff in future. Thanks, Cathy.


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