Scenic Sunday

The Pioneer Valley
80 kms from Mackay Queensland
Along The Natural Way
(aka the Eungella Road)
We had a lovely drive out and up to Eungella (pron,Young-g’la)
while we were in Bowen last August
Down through Marian where we saw one of Dame Nellie Melba’s homes
She lived here with her husband who was Manager at the mill
(Nothing like the one she had just up the road
from here at Coldstream)
Had some ‘nice’ companions in these painted public loos
Those rotten frogs were everywhere lol
Still  in Marian but further down the road 
that stretches right across the road
All sugar cane grown in the Valley is crushed at this mill.
The crushing season extends from mid June to November each year.

We drove on past paddocks full of cane
With cockies out harvesting the ripe crop
Went on up to the Pinnacle Pub for lunch surrounded by cane fields
Climbed up to Eungella and Broken River
on this windy road visible from the top
Got to the top and had a very long peaceful walk in the National Forest
Admired the Valley proper from a look out
Moved on to Broken River
and admired these Brush Turkeys from afare

Then it was back down the hills and home the way we came
Sorry this last one is a bit out of focus
click the photos to enlarge 

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9 thoughts on “Scenic Sunday

  1. Lovely pictures Cathy. It seems you have a very interesting life.I like the new background colour of your page, now, if only I could work out how to do it….I'd change mine !I have tried and tried but not being computer "savvy" I give up in disgust.


  2. I have heard about the frogs of course. Even recently read about them in Love in the Age of Drought by Fiona Higgins, but I don't think I have actually seen them. Thanks.


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