My Place and Yours – On the shelf

Pip at Meet me at Mikes has another weekly thingy going

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Called My Place and Yours
This week’s theme is :: On The Shelf
This is part of the windowsill
(I suppose you could call it a shelf)
in our laundry
At the moment it holds vaious bits and bobs
A tiny china doll with a broken leg, been there for a while now
Grandma tried to fix it but no luck
 blue vase and bowl found in an op shop
Little blue wrens and cats
Photo of growing grandaughter
Hairband buttons and lots of dust
Oh and some dirty windows lol
You can read all about it and see other shelves here

5 thoughts on “My Place and Yours – On the shelf

  1. Hello! Look at your lovely window sill! When I was a wee girl I was obsessed with my nanna's windowsill. It always had ladies with long eyelashes and arched-back cats and funny jars with strangely decorated wooden spoons in it! I think your window sill is just as lovely as my Nan's – perhaps a bit less strange, which is nice! xx


  2. What a dear little window shelf you have – I love all your special things. It looks like a very inviting space. Hope you get some sunshine through your window today xo


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