Watery Wednesday – Oct 2009 -1

Two pictures taken from the back end of a boat
– called ‘The Stern’ I think –
3 years apart
Theres something about looking at the trail of water
showing the path just taken that I find fascinating

The first was taken from the back of this little vessel
– a 23 metre catamaran ‘Voyager’ –
on the day trip I spoke about last week
in The Whitsundays this past August ( 2009)

And the second in September 2006
from the back of this fabulous cruise ship ms Zuiderdam
photographed here berthed on a very rainy day in Ketchikan Alaska
please click on the pictures for a clearer view

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7 Replies to “Watery Wednesday – Oct 2009 -1”

  1. I love hanging out at the back of a boat and watching the water churn! Great series of shots. What clear water you arrived at with the Cat…makes me want to jump right in!


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