Weekend just gone

Sunday morning we had a trip into the city to see the Salvatore Dali exhibition at the NGV. The clocks changed to summertime on Saturday night so we lost an hours sleep which meant I was quite weary on the way there.

Took the train in and arrived at the Gallery about 11.15am and was astounded at the long queue outside, this had begun in June so had been showing over 3 months but of course with Sunday being the last day it was all the late starters who were showing up.
Had to wait quite a while under this sign before we could actually get inside the building – only a certain number of people allowed inside at a time- then we had to join the queue waiting to purchase tickets
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A very long line which could possibly been avoided if I’d found somewhere to purchase them online but if it was available it was invisible to me ‘cose I couldn’t find it lol
This line snaked round and round and round again under the fabulous Stained Glass Ceiling in the The Great Hall.
so by the time we actually got to this line below (this door led to the actual exhibition) we’d been in the building for over 2 hours. By a stroke of luck I chose a large handbag and brought some knitting with me to do on the train – guess what I was doing to pass the time as we shuffled along. More than one person remarked on how clever I was lol Dh had a book with him so he looked very studious with his head in the book as he moved slowly in front of me.

We came out the same door over 2 hours later after having our eyes opened to the genius that Dali was. These 2 pics of our Yarra River and some high rise office blocks were from taken from Princes Bridge as we walked back to Flinders Street Station.

This one is of Princes Bridge itself with more of the skyline behind

and heres the welcome sight of the train coming to take us home

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  1. glad you enjoyed, after waiting sooo long. Lovely photos, thanks for the tour. I think Australia scored quite high the quality of life index this year and I can see why.


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