Would the real Magpie stand up please

The weather here in Melbourne this past week has been a bit nippy and wet.
Wet I don’t mind (I would almost welcome wet) its the nippy bit I don’t like.
All the summery clothes have been washed and put away but I didn’t think I’d be wearing the winter ones again, the ones I wore before we went away
or that we’d be turning the heating back on:(

So to keep me occupied I’ve been sorting out the holiday snaps.
Looking at them I noticed a few things
But first – you know I love the sight of the Australian Magpies pottering around my garden.
I snapped this little family the other day.

This is ‘my’ Mr Magpie and some of his lady friends, bright white back on the male and a grey colour on the females
click on the photos to see a larger image

But whats this in the next photo – looks like an imposter.

Same shape head and beak.

It’s the Australian Magpie I saw in sauntering round the van park in Bowen.
Just one difference – look at his back.

He’s got black wings there – the white stops at his shoulders
The next photo will give you a better view, also a look at another little black and white bird.

Its the little Mudlark (Pee Wee/Magpie Lark) that seemed to be everywhere. This two wandered about the grass together like old friends and seemed to have little chats.

Well, maggie was carolling away and the pee wee was calling just that in that shrill voice he has.

Those little monsters seem to take a fancy to cars – windscreens and side mirrors aren’t safe when they are around

Now heres a photo I found on the web of a Butcher Bird we have here in Melbourne

Not one of my photos tho’

Look at this fine looking black and white bird
This is a Butcher Bird I photographed in Bowen
His colour is much more defined and he is very confident looking.
At first I mistook him for a magpie but then realised he didn’t have a black chest. I was able to confirm his breed from my picture and my friends bird book

Heres the caravan park buddies again :))
These sites will give you more information on these black and white beauties
Also explains about the different Australian Magpies in different states

3 thoughts on “Would the real Magpie stand up please

  1. Cathy, some years ago we had to leave our car parked outside, where the birds would use the side mirrors to "talk" to themselves, leaving behind a rather dirty mess. I placed a pair of old socks over the mirrors so I didn't have to clean them. That was until one day I drove 30kms. to a shopping centre without realising I hadn't removed them before leaving.Your pictures are lovely.


  2. Great post. I enjoy reading about the birds in other countries. Lovely. We do have magpies in the US — but not here; we also have "shrikes", which are similar to the butcherbird, but not as glamorous.


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