My bags are packed, I’m ready to go

Well nearly:))

Tomorrow, Saturday, the cases are coming out and will be filled with warm weather clothing – ‘cose 7am Sunday morning we are off on a trip up norf.

Yes after a four day drive we will be up north in Bowen, Far North Queensland, staying in a cabin close to Queens Beach and the golf course.

Share and share alike, we will share the driving, 2 hours on 2 hours off , something good for me and something good for him lol

The cats have had a good grooming session, coats brushed and combed, nails clipped and their monthly dab of Frontline applied interspersed with lots of cuddles as they will be off to the boarding cattery in the morning. That will be their home for the next 8 or maybe more weeks as we won’t be back till mid September.

Today I was taken aback when a person (whom I’d only just met) said I was very priviledged to be able to go away, that with all the problems in the world it was the wrong thing for me to do. I wasn’t quite sure how to answer her, yes there are lots of folk suffering and the unemployment rate has risen but for us its taken a lot of budgeting and careful planning to allow us to have this trip.

Next year we will be going overseas to visit friends and relations so we will have to plan and save to make that possible as well.

So how have we managed, I’ll let you into our secret weapon – this exercise book and the figures you see written down assure Dh and I that we will be able to take off whenever we want.

For many years we have kept records of what we spend and I check the accounts online most days to make sure I haven’t missed a payment. I did this even before there was such a thing as online banking, certainly that invention has made it easier but I still like to see the figures pencilled in longhand on the pages of my exercise book in front of me, put down in a system I can relate to

Unlike many people, in fact almost the reverse of the way of thinking that is suggested these days, we find it useful to use our credit card for most purchases; if I have cash in my pocket I spend it and even though Dh has cash (his monthly allowance lol) he is loathe to break a note so thinks twice when it comes to actually spending it. Also for us there is the benefit of the card providing FF points that we use to fly mainly to Adelaide. Pay the balance of by the due date and pay no interest. .

For some reason I’ve found this winter to be really cold, more so than usual so am desperately looking forward to our time away. Sounds a bit OTT but I love the warm weather and aim to lap up as much of the winter sunshine as I can. I’ll have to use the internet at the local library so may not get to check any blogs but will try very hard to post here now and again.

So as the Two Ronnies used to say – Its Goodnight from Me and its Goodnight from Him – only he’s in the other room watching the cricket from Wales.

Go the Aussies
Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

13 thoughts on “My bags are packed, I’m ready to go

  1. I am glad you can get to a warm place. You need to enjoy your time away and not think about folks who think you shouldn't go. They don't know your circumstances and need to mind their own business!Have fun and enjoy.Jan


  2. Seems to me that the Green Eyed Monster was rearing it's ugly head for someone you had just met to make such a rude comment…I had someone make a comment to me once that I had just met and I told Mac "that b*tch will never set foot across my doorstep!" And she never did. LOL…have a great time! Enjoy the trip like it's the year 2000!Sandi


  3. Have a wonderful time! It's nice to share the driving. I wouldn't drive when my hubby was there. He tells me when to change gears! *rolls eyes*Ignore the bitterness of others… you work hard, you are careful, you deserve your rewards


  4. It's amazing how many things you can do when you are basically frugal with the rest of your life. DH and I know that well, and yes we use our credit card for virtually everything. It's all there recorded for us and gains us points, and is paid off In Full each month. DH checks it often and knows if there is going to be a blip because of a large unexpected expense. That's what regular savings are for!We know we are still blessed. Have a great time up North!


  5. Well done Cathy, You have budgeted and deserve the break.As for the weather, I too feel that its been colder this year. Have fun on your trip.


  6. Have a wonderful time! (It's a bit odd reading that you're heading north to get warm – had to think about that a moment).~Sadge


  7. I admire your financial discipline. I was married to a woman who had the soul of a bookkeeper and kept track of everything. I just had to enjoy the allowance she gave me to spend.Alas, she left decades ago and I have had trouble managing money ever since.


  8. Gday Cathy, You wont need a lot of warm clothing going north.Have a wonderful time enjoy your time and holiday together, I get hopping mad when people make comments like that. they dont know your situatation. you saved for it enjoy it.Im just so pleased My Hubby and I spent 4 months of winter. the last 6 years of his life going north to Darwin towing caravan being grey nomads we had the best holidays. we were packing caravan I had a visit to Drs.then specialist next thing I know im in hospital getting operated on. bowel cancer. 6 months later lost my dear man. to a sudden stroke.So Bugger what anyone says go enjoy your time together . HAPPY HOLIDAYS.


  9. Well, adding my two-penny's worth, I think it's a bit off when people try to tell you what you should be doing or not doing with your time or your money, and it looks like you've been very organized in that area, I am impressed. If you have the opportunity for a darned good holiday, I'd say go for it and enjoy! Life is meant to be enjoyed and when you can what more can be said but have a ruddy good time. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.


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