Garden surprises

Its that time of the year when the winter jobs have to be done and pruning the roses is one of them
We’ll be going off in a couple of weeks and won’t be back till the middle of September, it will be too late then to do some of these jobs so for the best part of this week I’ve been busy outside
Snipping here and snipping there – giving a (sometime) silent yell when my arm or leg or any other part of my anatomy got snared by the thorns
Then the thrill of tossing ‘mature’ manure and choock poo all over the ground so they will can have a little feed before they really close down for the winter
I covered the top bed with some of next doors oak leaves but if the high winds that are forecast arrive they won’t stay there for very long lol
Come Spring and they start shooting it won’t look quite so flat and bare. Plus I plan to replant Salvia again to fill the spaces in the lower bed.
Took a photo looking up and down the side fence.
These shrubs are all deciduous, close to the house I recently (in the last 3 years) planted a Forsythia and Weigelia which are just finding their feet and filling a gap between the two large bare shrubs
Flowering Quince aka Chaenomeles, one with white flowers and the other a pinky red.
They flower on the bare stems and are great to cut and have indoors when theres not much else around.
Like the back garden it can be a bit sparse looking at this timeof the year
but once they start to leaf up that fence line is a blaze of colour

But guess what I saw peeking out of the branches as I walked down past the first bush
There were flower buds and the first had started to open

And down below the first of the Bergenias had started to bloom

All is not lost – where there is colour there is a good feeling

don’t forget to click on the photos to enlarge
Even tho I thought there was nothing to see I did find few more things in flower
But that post can wait till another day

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  1. Happy travels, I'm sure it will all survive – and welcome you home in September as the gardens readies to take off with growth and flowering again.


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