Lavender round the washing line

In the comments recently somebody mentioned the Lavender growing round the washing line
Nostaligia aside the reason I planted it there (and it could have been anything) was to form a barrier between me and the pole that holds the line up:)
I have a habit of walking in to things and this was an idea I’d used elsewhere to make me aware of where I actually was putting my feet. I’d used the idea in another form in a different house to make little grandchildren aware of the post and not run into it
This photo was taken back in 2004 when it was quite young.
We actually had green grass in those days lol


As you can see its grown quite tall and bushed out lots

I used some old bricks to form a circle a distance a way from the pole
Filled the circle with a few bags of potting mix
and then planted some tiny tubes with established cuttings
and hoped for the best.
That particular spot was a hard place to get grass to grow so I used some big broken slabs of concrete I came across
(courtesy of our council when they were digging up a pathway)
and put crazy paving in the plcae I stand to hang/peg out the clothes
Its just visible in the left of the next picture
This is the side away from the light which doesn’t do as well as the other
but I do tend to keep it bare in that spot so I can get in to do a bit of weeding and clear the oak leaves away so the rain can penetrate
In the early spring I give the whole lot a good haircut and a drink of Seasol and wish it luck for the rest of the season
It thrives in a hot summer like the one we just had and the flower heads at the moment are really plump
I love the look and smell of it when its in flower but
funnily I get annoyed if the washing actually brushes against it lol

8 thoughts on “Lavender round the washing line

  1. What a lovely idea to have lavender around the washing line. I would love to do this around mine. I can see more concrete slabs coming up! x


  2. Gday Cathy, Nows thats a great idea, no more bumping into the hoists post, and it must add a lovely fresh fragrance to your washing while its drying..


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