Something old is new again

You’re probably wondering why I would post a photo of a
well worn and used old wooden clothes horse!!

During the summer this one (and another one) live in the garage.

We don’t use a dryer so they come in handy when its raining and theres washing that I really need to do and get dry. The great thing about this kind is that they fold flat and take up little storage space.
Ignore the bag of cow manure on the deck, its not the usual decorating theme out there but I did some work in the garden on Sunday and as I was clearing up it was easier to drop it there and run inside to use the loo than walk over to the little shed and then come back again.

Yes like a kid who’se played outside too long and left it too late I was desperate lol
You’re probably still wondering why the clothes horse is on the deck

It certainly wasn’t there till this morning ‘cose even tho we’ve had some very foggy mornings these past few days, the afternoons have developed into glorious sunny dry almost warm enough to wear a Tshirt afternoons and any washing on the line dried in no time at all.
I’m trying to gather a few crafty things together to take away in a few weeks time and remembered the huge great woollen sweater I found at the op shop the other week
and had (over a few evenings as it was so big) unravelled.

I was planning on taking some of the wool with me to knit some slippers
And decided to give it a wash first

Only problem was I should have washed the garment before I unravelled it

I’d rolled it into balls and they don’t wash very well, if at all.

My problem then was how to get it into skeins ??
Winding it around the back of a kitchen chair didn’t work

The backs of ours have a wider backrest and you can’t lift the skein over it.
I know that ‘cose after a few rounds I tried lol
Tipped the chair on its side to try round the chair legs
Same problem

The chair legs splay and are set wider at the bottom than closer to the seat.
I tried that as well lol
So wandering round the house desperate to wash something
( well not really desperate but the sun was shining I wanted to get it done)

I spy the clothes horse in the garage doorway.

Winding the wool across the top from one wooden section to the other made a perfect skein
And very soon they were soaking in a bucket of wool wash
When rinsed and spun I hung them over the hook of a metal coat hanger
Then hooked the hangers outside on the line so the wool could dry.
Now the huge great, what looked like a very rarely worn sweater
That cost me the grand total of $2
Has been transformed into nice sweet smelling clean yarn
ready to be knitted into other garments

Who says I’m just a pretty face – I’s got brains as well lol

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  1. ha! You are a clever one! How rescourceful! Your post reminded me of some treasured times with my brother when we used to create the most amazing caves and hideaways with our mums clothes horse!


  2. Well done Cathy! You've given me a great solution for the next skein I need to turn into a ball.Lavender right by the clothes line – mmm.Happy knitting, Michelle and Zebbycat


  3. I loved seeing all your garden photos and sunsets over the last several posts. That blue yarn is gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you do with it!


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