Band time again

It doesn’t seem that long since I mentioned my ‘musical’ granddaughter and her new love – the School Band
Well its half way through the school year and time to show Mums and Dads and other interested parties how well they are going
So thats where Dh and I went on Wednesday evening
If you click on the photos they enlarge and you will get a better look

She has really taken a liking to the Clarinet and seems to enjoy learning and playing
anything and everything

Here she is (the redhead on the end) watching one of the older more experienced girls

Taking it all in and learning

Now you should see this huge great thing she has started to play

I’ve forgotten the name but it takes up all her lap

Look at that girl blow

Sorry its a bit out of focus but my feet were tapping in time to the music and I moved lol

Not sure what she will do in later life but she really is having a great time at the moment:))

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  1. Bass Clarinet. How wonderful!Back in my day (late 70s & early 80s) I got to play clarinet and saxophone but never this dark beauty.Mickle from across "The Ditch"


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