Words and Pictures – Catching Up

This weeks theme for Words and Pictures is Catching Up
In the hectic life we live these days it often seems as tho’ theres always something we need to catch up on
We get behind in our work in the home or in our work place, we say we need to catch up with craft items that are only half finished and for some there are bills that have caught them unawares and need to be caught up on
Generations need to catch up

Sisters need to catch up
Friends need to catch up

When you can’t do it physically there are always other ways

We can use the modern way

For special occasions these could be used

If you are lucky these will arrive at your letterbox

Sometimes this lost art is resurrected

However if it can’t done in person this is my favourite way of catching up

Unfortunately there are those times when it can’t be done in person

click on the pictures to enlarge for a clearer view
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7 thoughts on “Words and Pictures – Catching Up

  1. Lovely post, Cathy. I already have put ANZAC poppies around my home to remind me to wear one tomorrow.A speacial day for your Dh, as he catches up with other ex-servicemen.I'll be remembering 3 Great Uncles "who went" 1 to WWI, 2 to WWII, all who also made it home again to live a happy life:And I was lucky enough to have met each several times.With care and huggles, Michelle in Wellington, NZ


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