Ice cream or ice-cream (originally iced cream) is a frozen dessert usually made from dairy products, such as milk and cream, combined with fruits or other ingredients. Most varieties contain sugar, although some are made with other sweeteners. This mixture is stirred slowly while cooling to prevent large ice crystals from forming; the result is a smoothly textured ice cream – courtesy of Wikipeadia

Theres so much feeling in this photo – even now when I look at it I can still remember the worry of the 2 little boys who thought they weren’t going to get an ice cream.

Our eldest son and daughter had taken theirs from Dh when he was served at the van in the background – I’d taken the youngest 3 to the loo and when we returned to see them with the ice cream the youngest boys and the other daughter were really worried that Dad had forgotten them.

Dad had his back to them so they couldn’t see what he had in his hands – truth be told they were more interested in what was in their brother’s hand :))

The camera was so handy and I just couldn’t resist taking the picture. The funny thing was normally they would have been carrying on and tears would have been coming down – not that day, they just stood there looking.

Mr Whippy is an Australian Icon – lots of imitators drive the steets – but he seems to have been in business the longest. The strains of Greensleaves alerts kids all round the neighbourhood – some parents have been known to tell their children that he plays the music to let the parents know he’s run out of ice creams.

How mean is that lol

7 thoughts on “Feelings

  1. Ice cream…yum! I remember as child going with the family to get a cone from a dairy nearby. It was a summer treat.


  2. Cathy,What a wonderful photo. It tells a story of its own. Interesting story about Mr Whippy. I've enjoyed learning this fact about your country.Blessings,Mary


  3. Hi CathyI heard a Mr Whippy van only a few weeks ago when we had really hot weather – and yes it was Greensleeves playing! I wonder why they use that tune? Does anyone know? Brings back memories. :)Cheers – Joolz


  4. I had a friend who used to tell her daughter that the ice cream van music was the child catcher, and that he was playing his music to say it was children's bedtime, and if they didn't go to bed he'd come and take them away. She's grown up OK, though, so obviously it didn't leave a lasting scar!


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