Its been a lovely pleasant warm one today and for the first time in a while I actually spent some time out in the garden. Not just sitting sunning myself or wandering around planning but actually doing some work out there.
But to start the day off I went down the road to the small town where the train goes from and paid a visit to the Leisure Centre. After all I pay them handsomely each month for this priviledge and even tho’ I’ve walked lots of days I’ve not been a good exerciser recently so I really thought it was time to get back into action.
As I got out of the car this is what I could see over my shoulder from the car park – yes its those TV masts again. lol
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Today is March 21st – its our Autumn Equinox weekend when all things summery wind down, winter sports start and the summer ones finish.

‘Cept for Tennis that is.

Tennis lessons go all year round down here and Saturday is a big day for kids lessons. This was at 10am and they would have continued all morning with the various ages and levels turning up at their allocated times.

Could be another Aussie Champion amongst those little ones šŸ™‚

An hour of Body Pump made me understand that not all my muscles had been used recently which meant I had to recover with coffee and cake when I got home. Well, Dh had just put the kettle on and I didn’t say no to either of the things he offered, so coffee and cake it was.

We now have the cash to order a water tank and I spent time this afternoon clearing and tidying up the area round the side of the garage where it will go. We want the downpipe water inlet and the outlet tap at the same end which means it has to be a special order so will take about 3 weeks till delivery which is good ‘cose the ground has to be levelled and that will mean some hard work on someone’s part – not mine as I’m not good at that sort of stuff – or at least thats what I told Dh and he sort of accepted that he’d be the someone lol

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