Mugs – to drink from that is :))

The other week Pip at Hello Meet Me At Mikes was talking about her favourite things and mentioned a mug she liked to drink from.

Pop over here to see it.
Then today Denise at An English Girl Rambles also mentioned a mug she likes to drink from.
If you pop over here you can see hers.
And that reminded me about a mug in my house that comes out now and again – not all the time but when I really want to enjoy a really BIG cuppa – Tea or Coffee or Whatever.

This lovely big mug was given to me from 2 of the grandchildren a few years ago and as you can see it has a shiny black exterior with lots of white paw marks and the words Cat Lover going round the rim.
No markings on the bottom about place of origin – tho’ I have a vague recollection of it being in Avon Packaging but I may be wrong.

Its special to me because they know their Grandma and her love of all things feline.
As you can see it doesn’t have far to go to find furry friends to chat to ‘cept real furry friends are not allowed around when its in use – they have a habit of walking around and all over things/ people no matter where they are or what they are doing.

click on the photos for a better look

Is there a special cup or mug in your house?

4 thoughts on “Mugs – to drink from that is :))

  1. Hi Cathy,I popped over for a visit after seeing your comment on my blog (re: Unfortunately) Your cats are lovely, are they Burmese??I'm a bit of a cat lover too, with the occasionaly picture of my boy Cody popping up, they do tend to be everywhere don't they.take carePip


  2. Thanks for the mention Cathy, and I did enjoy looking at your lovely mug and a very special gift it is too. It's fun to see the different kinds that people enjoy. I wonder if anyone else will post theirs? Hope so!


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